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Guidelines for submitting items for the Newsfeed 

Make News at Academy!



Shoutsouts are contained on the home page in a box below the three link areas.  This is a box that can congratulate a student or celebrate an accomplishment.     Click here to see past examples of our shoutouts.  Banners can link to class blogs, or an item in the news feed.   Please send the information below to Wendy Windle.  

  • Title: what the banner will be about

  • Content: The exact words for the shoutout.  Keep it short.  

  • Images: either describe clip art or include your own photos or clipart.  

  • Links: (optional) Please include links to your blog or whatever you want to link to.  

  • Start Date: The date it needs to go up.  If it is less than 24 hours, call Wendy at (802) 246-7165

  • Duration: How long you want the message to stay up.

What you need to include
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