Educational Support

Bethany Connelly

Educational Support - STEP

Bethany Connelly is a licensed BCBA who is entering her 4th year with the district and 2nd year at Academy. Bethany works with teams to explore each students individual strengths, needs, and values, to create the most well rounded and successful school experience possible. Bethany got her start in education as a para educator for special education. After falling in love with special education post college graduation, Bethany sought an opportunity to earn her license in teaching and was accepted into Teach for America. While teaching high school special education in Memphis, TN Bethany earned her masters in Education. Bethany moved to VT to be closer to home and start a family and made the decision to take the leap into behavior analysis after several years of teaching. In 2019 Bethany Completed Antioch's ABA program and earned her BCBA credential. She brings her classroom knowledge to her work, is an enthusiastic collaborator, and loves to share her love of music, animals, and creative play.

David Longsmith

Educational Support - Technology

David has a long history of working in technology and customer service in the Brattleboro area. He is beyond excited to be able to bring his skills to the school community and is looking forward to working with students and their families, teachers and paraprofessionals, and school administrators to support remote and in-school learning. David is a great listener and believes that the best way to support clients is to meet them where they are and involve them in the solutions as much as is possible.
David graduated with Honors from Brattleboro Union High School in 1985 and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Media Studies from Hunter College of the City University of New York. His work with technology started in the mid-eighties taking apart, troubleshooting, and reassembling computers in his brother’s store in NYC. He later worked at the School for International Training providing Educational Technology support services to an international clientele. More recently he worked extensively in the dietary supplement industry in Quality Assurance, Customer Service and Inventory Management.
David has a passion for music and community radio. He has served on the Executive Board of two college radio stations and has co-founded two stations here in Brattleboro, as well as hosting a program at all four stations. He’s also known to fill dancefloors at weddings, birthday parties and festivities of all sorts! He lives in Brattleboro with his two sons and cat.

Deb Coombs

Educational Support - Academic Enrichment

Deb is an ESL teacher at Academy School. She received her Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Houghton College and her Master of Arts in Teaching English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) from The School for International Training World Learning. She has been teaching ESOL in WSESU since 2001 and is also the Elementary ESL coordinator.

Deb Moranski

Educational Support - Resource Room

Deb Moranski
Deb Moranski is a Special Educator at Academy School. She has worked at Academy School for many years with a passion to help children reach their potential and meet the general education expectations. Deb attended Saint Joseph College in West Hartford Connecticut with a degree in Special Education and Elementary Education. She started her career as a Special Educator teaching in an inner city school in Connecticut. She moved with her family to Vermont to raise their children. Deb strongly believes every child is capable of doing well and shining in the general education classroom.

Emily Hartz

Educational Support - Academic Enrichment

Emily is delighted to be serving the Academy School community as an Instructional Coach in Project-Based Learning and Outdoor Learning. Emily has worked in various roles in education over the years ( Paraeducator, 3rd Grade Teacher, 5th Grade Teacher, 6th Grade Teacher, Academic Support Teacher, and Environmental Educator). In all of these roles she has most enjoyed collaborating with colleagues and finding joy in nature with students. Emily earned a B.A. in Environmental Studies from the University of Vermont and an M.Ed. in Elementary Education from Antioch New England University. Emily holds a current Vermont Educator License. Emily is also a farmer, and lives with her partner, her toddler, and a small and unruly gaggle of chickens.

Emma King

Educational Support - Resource Room

"Emma is a Special Education Intern at Academy School while she pursues her Master's of Education in Special Education. She previously received her Bachelor's in Early Childhood Education from Keene State College where she gained a lot of knowledge and experience about the development and education of young children.

Emma has worked with children from the ages of newborns to 9 years for over 5 years. She has spent most of her early career working in childcare centers, and she student taught in a multiage first and second grade classroom. When Emma is not enjoying her time in the school or doing homework, she loves hiking, gardening, and collecting mugs from places that she visits!"

Ethan Jackson

Educational Support - STEP

Ethan Jackson is the STEP case manager for Academy. This is Ethan’s second year as an teacher at Academy and his 7th year as a teacher in special education. Ethan is from Indianapolis, Indiana and moved to Brattleboro in 2019. Ethan received his bachelor's from Ball State University in Deaf Education and Special Education and his masters from Bowling Green State University in Cross Cultural and International Education. Before he became a teacher, Ethan worked as an ABA therapist under the supervision of a BCBA. Ethan also spent 2 years as a Deaf Education teacher in Kenya with the Peace Corps. Ethan is passionate about disability rights and hopes to study this more in the future.

Marc Hoak

Educational Support - STEP

Marc has a background in coaching basketball where he works with all ages. Through this, he discovered his love for working with kids and joined Academy School in 2020. He is part of the STEP team, and he enjoys it because his passion is working with all kids regardless of their needs. He really enjoys helping kids learn new social skills, how to deal with challenges, and how to feel good about themselves. Marc strongly believes helping kids feel good about themselves and confident not only helps them do well in the classroom but outside of school, and that’s what Marc focuses on the most with the kids he works with. Marc also likes working in STEP because he gets to interact with all ages and see kids in different grades and classrooms.

When Marc is not at school he enjoys spending time with family and friends, as well as being in the gym and coaching basketball. He travels all over with his teams. Marc also enjoys playing golf and being outdoors hiking.

Marissa Spaulding

Educational Support -DHH Instruction

Marissa graduated from the University of New Hampshire in 2011 with her Bachelor's degree in Sign Language interpretation. She also holds her EIPA (Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment) certification. Over the last ten years, she has worked as an educational interpreter in a variety of K-12 settings. Educational interpreters provide communication access for everyone including Deaf and hard-of-hearing students, their hearing peers and classroom teachers. Being an interpreter is a very rewarding job. "I enjoy seeing classrooms become inclusive communities for everyone when communication is effective and connections blossom!"

Meg Boraski Quinn

Educational Support - Speech & Language

Hello Welcome to Speech and Language!

What is Speech and Language Therapy you ask?

The Speech and Language Therapy Program at Academy School provides services for eligible children in kindergarten through sixth grade. These services include:
• Identification - Screening students in the areas of articulation, language, listening, memory, problem solving, voice, fluency, and social language.
• Evaluation - Using Diagnostic and Dynamic Assessments to determine a child's strengths and needs to plan individual intervention programs.
• Intervention - Providing intervention to improve communication and learning in small group and/or individual sessions both in and out of the classroom.
• Consultation - Meet and discuss with parents and teachers their children's progress, and needs to provide instruction that promotes successful learning and communication.

Meg Boraski Quinn is the Academy School Speech-Language Pathologist. She came to Vermont from Saint Ambrose University in Davenport Iowa. She loves traveling and has lived in six different states. Before her journey landed her at Academy School, Meg did her clinicals in Denver Colorado, New Haven Connecticut, and Silvis Illinois. When she is not working she enjoys listening to podcasts, dancing, reading, and exploring new places.

She is excited to be at Academy School and would love to answer any questions she can.

Orly Hasbani

Educational Support - Academic Enrichment

Orly Hasbani began teaching in 2002 and has worked at Academy School since 2007. She taught third grade for many years but switched to teaching k-6 enrichment in the fall of 2017. Orly received her masters degree in education from Antioch University and a BS from Tufts University where she studied biology and music. She was also premed but happily changed course after getting her undergraduate degree and hasn't regretted it since. Orly works with students on challenging math problems, engineering, writing, and more. She focuses on project-based learning and strives to infuse independence and critical thinking in her students in all areas of the curriculum. When she's not at school, she enjoys hiking, painting, and reading.

Robin L'Etoile

Educational Support - Resource Room

Robin holds an Undergraduate Degree in Creative Writing from William Smith College in Geneva, NY; and a Master of Arts in Teaching from Johnson and Wales University in Providence, RI. She has been working with children in some capacity for most of her life, including as a camp counselor, literacy tutor, and a special education para-educator prior to earning her Masters in 2009. In addition to her writing degree, she worked for several years in the banking and medical industries, and spent several years co-teaching or teaching high school math before coming to Academy. She lives on a farm in Northfield, MA with her husband, two children, two dogs and a rotating cast of falcons and hawks.

The Academy School Health and Counseling Office provide high-quality comprehensive services to all students and families. Our aim is to address all aspects of health and wellness that effect your child, with the goal of promoting student self-advocacy skills, and positive social-emotional growth and development. We are always available to consult with parents and guardians and enjoy working as a team to foster a safe and respectful school climate at Academy School.