First Grade

Gina Dyer

1st Grade

This is Gina's fifth year as a Para educator at Academy School. Prior to working at Academy, Gina worked as a Special Education Paraeducator in the Hinsdale School. Gina's passion is children! She believes every child has unique gifts as well as unique learning styles. She strives to help each child unlock their individual possibilities. Gina's goal is to build lifelong relationships with her students and let them know they are valued. She is always looking forward to meeting new students. When Gina’s not at school she is most likely outdoors somewhere. She enjoys camping and kayaking with her family. Gina is married and has 3 children.

Jen Oliver

1st Grade

Jen Oliver graduated from Westfield State University in 2007 with her Bachelors in Elementary Education. In 2014, she earned her Masters in Mathematics from UVM. She had the pleasure of teaching First Grade at Academy School since 2010 with her wonderful Para Educator, Mary Leary. Together they created a classroom community where their students felt safe to learn, play, and grow together. Since the fall of 2018, she has been the Academic Support Teacher for all three first grade classrooms. This Semester she will be teaching Kindergarten and First Grade Remotely. She is excited to get know her students and to build a strong classroom community, where her students can learn while having fun! Kindergarten and First Grade are magical years and she looks forward to watching her students blossom.

Kathy Smith

1st Grade

Kathy has over 25+ years working with young children, 20 years in this school district. She absolutely loves her time spent with children. Kathy's most exciting part of her school day is when she is able to teach young students how to read. She also loves reading some of her favorite books to them including all of E.B. Whites favorites.

Ms. Kristie

1st Grade

Last year was my first year at Academy School. It was a year to remember! I have been a teacher for over 20 years and have taught students from Preschool to Sixth grade, but spent most of my teaching career with K, 1st and 2nd graders.
I love to hike, kayak and bike ride with my family. I enjoy reading almost anything! My favorite part of teaching is to stir the embers of curiosity with students and help them learn about their strengths.

Patty Walior

1st Grade

Patty has been teaching at Academy for the last 15 years. She taught 3rd grade for 11 years and then transfered to first grade in 2016. She received a business degree from Castleton State College way back when and in 2004 received a teaching certification from Norwich University. She loves watching her students grow and become kind, compassionate and caring young people with a thirst for learning. Patty lives in Dummerston and enjoys reading, taking walks and spending time with family and friends.

First grade is going to be an exciting academic year for your child. We believe that First Grade lays the foundation for a lifetime of enthusiastic learning.  We are committed to helping each student become a successful and independent learner and become more confident in their abilities as thinkers and learners.


This year, you will be so amazed and proud of the progress your child will make!