From the Principal

March 24, 2015


Dear Parents,


In the next few weeks, we will begin the student placement process for the 2015-2016 school year. Our goal is to have twenty-one, well-balanced, heterogeneous classrooms. To do so, we must have both a micro view (focus on the individual learner) and macro view (focus on the entire grade). 


It is a lengthy and time-consuming process as we consider and weigh a number of factors before placing each child. In general, students who have older siblings tend to get placed with their sibling’s former teacher, but this does not always happen. Other considerations such as scheduling for special needs, however, may take precedence. While your child’s present teacher is directly involved in the placement, she/he is not allowed to make recommendations to parents for a specific teacher. We consider social, emotional, cognitive and behavioral growth as well as special needs of all of our learners.


While we cannot accept requests for specific teachers, we welcome any information you would like to share about your child’s learning style. At Academy, we value your knowledge of your child and we respect that you may have thoughts about which type of classroom environment he or she would best be suited. If you would like to give input about your child for this process, please do so in writing, including email, to me on or before Monday, April 13, 2015.


Andy Paciulli