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Eileen Parks

Enrichment - Library

Eileen Parks holds a BA in Art History from UC Santa Cruz and a Master of Science (Library) from Simmons College. The library program relies more on reading literature rather than growing tech skills. However, technology is not ignored. Grades four through six learn digital citizenship which includes privacy, safety, media literacy and technology/life balance.
Ms. Parks has worked here since 2007 and enjoys supporting the growth of intellectual curiosity of every student.

Bri Davenport

Enrichment - Music

Bri is the 2-6 General Music and 4-6 Band teacher at Academy School. In music, students sing, say, dance, and play! Students are given the opportunity to explore, create, and perform while developing musical literacy. Throughout the year, students are immersed in a variety of quality music literature, activities, and culturally diverse music experiences. Bri's music classroom is designed to enhance student appreciation for music, understanding of the world, and expression of self.

Bri completed her Orff-Schulwerk Level 1 certification in 2018 at the Eastman School of Music. She holds a Bachelors of Music Education and Performance from Bowling Green State University and a Masters of Voice Performance and Pedagogy from East Carolina University. Previous teaching experience in the South and Midwest allows Bri to bring a unique perspective to the music room. In 2011, she co-founded Bowling Green Children's Opera, a touring company that brings "kid-centered" opera to elementary schools throughout the Midwest.

Kim Gorey

Enrichment -Physical Education

Kim is the Physical Education teacher for grades K-6 at Academy School. She has formerly taught outdoor education around the Midwest and New England, focusing on team building and high ropes facilitation. Kim strongly believes in creating a program that every student can access and find enjoyment in. Social skills are an integral part of each lesson and come into play as students move around, engage with others, and communicate. Kim also enjoys rock climbing, ice hockey, marching bands, and coffee!

Alix Joyal

Enrichment- Art

Alix Joyal is the Art teacher for grades K-6 at Academy School. In art class, students are given the freedom to explore new materials and express themselves to the fullest. They paint, draw, create 3d objects with paper mache, plaster, clay and various other materials and explore the fiber arts with yarns, weaving and silk screening.

Alix graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology with her BS in Textile Development and Marketing as well as in Fashion Buying and Merchandising. Alix served as the President of the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists, while at FIT, and also studied silk screening and batiking in Italy. Alix started her own upcycled kids clothing business, named Joyaltee, in 2014 and still sells her kids clothing online, all over the country.

When not at school, Alix is spending time with her family and kiddos, Ava, Ranger and husband Corey while probably snuggling with one of her 5 cats, Fern, Tulip, Mango, Larry Stone and Mr. Apple. Alix’s daughter, Ava is an avid ski jumper, which leads them on family adventures all over the US. Alix loves Academy School and is so happy to be teaching art here!

Joan Carey

Enrichment- Instructional Coach

Joan is passionate about exploring the natural world with children, and supporting teachers as they discover the joyful learning that happens when students engage in rich and meaningful experiences outdoors. Joan has worked as a classroom teacher, naturalist educator, curriculum designer, and has offered science PD to teachers in WSESD and beyond for the past 15 years. She lives off-grid in a home that she and her husband built. When exploring beyond her own yard, she has been lucky enough to bike and hike in such stunning places as the Swiss Alps, West Africa, The Danube River Valley, and Vancouver's West Coast Trail - but she is partial to the forest behind her home and the back roads of Vermont. Joan's undergraduate degree is in Psychology and Child Development. In graduate school Joan focused on both Environmental Education and Teaching with Technology. Joan holds a current Vermont Educator License. She is so happy to be a part of the Academy School learning community, supporting students and teachers as they make connections and discoveries through science and nature.

Heidi Pancake

Enrichment- Multilingual Education

Heidi is a Teacher for Multilingual Learners

Deb Coombs

Enrichment- Multilingual Education

Deb teaches multilingual learners at Academy School. She received her Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Houghton College and her Master of Arts in Teaching English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) from The School for International Training World Learning. She has been teaching ESOL in WSESU since 2001 and is also the Elementary ESL coordinator.

Rita Corey

Enrichment- Music

Rita is the K-1 Music Teacher at Academy School

Karina Rojas-Flores

Enrichment- Spanish

Karina is the Spanish Teacher at Academy School

An important aspect of our core curriculum are our enrichment classes.  These classes are about fostering creativity in our students... valuing both mind and body, students explore visual arts, movement, music, cultural diversity, and celebration of the human spirit. Our Academy Specials are essential for both personal and academic growth.  

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