Winter Sports Program

Our winter sports program happens over six days in January and February. Students in grades 4-6 have an opportunity to choose from: cross country skiing at the Brattleboro Outing Club, downhill skiing at Mt. Snow, acrobatics at the New England Center for the Circus Arts, indoor activities at the Boys and Girls Club, and sledding or skating at Living Memorial Park. Students are able to participate in this wonderful program through parent support and fundraising. All 4-6 grade faculty members attend and support this program. Busing is available for all activities except downhill skiing.



Tutoring is offered to help support selected Academy Stars referred by their teacher. If you feel that your child could benefit from tutoring, please communicate with your child’s teacher.


Cross Country Running

This activity is complete for this year,  

Drama Club

NEYT has collaborated with the Brattleboro Town Elementary Schools to offer the opportunity for students to participate in drama.  This group meets three times a week- twice at Academy School and once at NEYT.  This will culminate in shows at both NEYT and the school.  Academy will be participating in two sessions this year in lieu of having a show produced solely at Academy.  

Chinese Cultural Program

Join us for the Chinese culture, art and language with songs, games, and Chinese student exercises. We will explore Chinese culture through songs, folktales, games, and Chinese art works. We will practice daily conversations through movement, listening, speaking, reading, writing, and art and craft activities.Students will finish our session with a Chinese characters art book.


Program dates: Thursdays (Grades 4-6) October 2 to November 20


The Chinese Cultural Program is offered to 1st-3rd grades on Mondays and to 4th-6th grades on Thursday.


To sign up for the program, please print this form and bring in to your teacher.  

Math Olympiads

Academy School participates in the national Math Olympiad program. Students in grades 4-6 meet in the Math Lab every Thursday morning at 7:30 to have fun practicing mathematical problem solving. Although modeled after the official Math Olympiads, this program, although challenging, is not competitive. This group meets once a week, every Tuesday morning at 7:30 before school. Both groups will continue to meet through March. New students are welcome to join through mid-November.



Strings is offered for beginners on Mondays and Advanced Violin is on Thursday. Music teachers from the Brattleboro Music Center teach these classes to 3rd-6th grade students. There is a fee for instrument rental and bussing is available until November 19. This is a year-long program with a break in December.

Winter Adventure

Academy School is offering two after school clubs that are focused on spending time hiking and observing nature.  Students explore the beautiful trails in the forest, look for animal tracks, and build shelters.  These groups are currently full!

Academy School participates in the Afterschool Meal Program (AMP), which means that we will be offering a free afterschool meal for all students who are participating in an afterschool activity at school. It is held three days per week, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 3:10 to 4:10. A late bus is available for students who need transportation.


The afterschool meal will consist of sandwiches, fruits, vegetables and soups and include milk or fruit juice. The meal is free of charge to all children who attend Academy School and will be offered to all students in attendance in one of our Extended Day activities.


If you wish for your child to not receive this meal or if your child has a food allergy, please return the bottom portion of this form to the school. 


After School Meal Program