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Online Learning FAQ

Here are some videos and other resources to answer common questions and issues for students and families making the adjustment to remote learning with Chromebooks. You can also follow this link to see all videos in the collection.

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Chromebooks and Google Drive

Google Classroom

Online Accounts

Chromebooks and Google Drive

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Chromebook 101

(3 minute video) - A brief guide to your Chromebook including where to find volume, wi-fi, and other settings, where downloaded files are stored, how to get to Google Classroom, and how to right click.

How to Create a New Google Doc

(3 minute video) - Learn to create a Google Doc to store your student account info including user names and passwords. Also how to copy and paste using keyboard shortcuts.

Bookmarking & Saving Passwords

(5 minute video) - Learn to navigate Google Drive, bookmark websites you use frequently, and save your user name and password info to the Chrome browser. Also reviews copy and paste with keyboard shortcuts.

Copy & Paste

(3 minute video) - Walkthrough of how to copy and paste text in Google Docs and using keyboard shortcuts. Also introduces Shared With Me collection in Google Drive.

How to Take a Picture with Chromebook and Share It

(5 minute video) - Use Google Slides and Google Keep to take a picture with the Chromebook webcam and share it via email. Also reviews how to use Files app, download an image, attach a file to an email, and right click.

Chromebook Simulator

Use this link.  (self-paced) - This interactive guide from Google will help you learn more about the Chromebook including special keyboard keys and shortcuts, how to use the touchpad, and how to troubleshoot common problems.

Google Classroom

google classroom

How To Join a Google Classroom

(3 minute video) - Basic overview of Google Classroom including how to join a class with the class code.

Online Accounts

online account

Dreambox - District Math Coach Tine Biolsi provided these videos on how to log in to Dreambox for K/1 Students and 2-8 Students.

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