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Alix Joyal

Enrichment- Art

Alix Joyal

Alix Joyal is the Art teacher for grades K-6 at Academy School. In art class, students are given the freedom to explore new materials and express themselves to the fullest. They paint, draw, create 3d objects with paper mache, plaster, clay and various other materials and explore the fiber arts with yarns, weaving and silk screening.

Alix graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology with her BS in Textile Development and Marketing as well as in Fashion Buying and Merchandising. Alix served as the President of the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists, while at FIT, and also studied silk screening and batiking in Italy. Alix started her own upcycled kids clothing business, named Joyaltee, in 2014 and still sells her kids clothing online, all over the country.

When not at school, Alix is spending time with her family and kiddos, Ava, Ranger and husband Corey while probably snuggling with one of her 5 cats, Fern, Tulip, Mango, Larry Stone and Mr. Apple. Alix’s daughter, Ava is an avid ski jumper, which leads them on family adventures all over the US. Alix loves Academy School and is so happy to be teaching art here!

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