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The students study general/vocal music once a week. Rita Corey teaches grades K-1, and Bri Davenport teaches grades 2-6 and also teaches grades 4 - 6 band.

Vocal literature from many periods and genres is used to teach rhythm and melody. Rhythmic study is enhanced through speaking, counting, and playing a wide variety of rhythm instruments. Students learn melody with the use of the Sol-Fege system (Doh-Re-Mi), singing both from the musical staff and with the use of Kodaly hand signals.

Dance and movement also fill a large part of the whole classroom music experience.

Bri Davenport

Bri is the new 2-6 General Music and 4-6 Band teacher at Academy School. Past teaching experience in the Southern and Midwestern United States allows her to bring a broad perspective into her classroom.

In music, students are given the opportunity to explore, create, and perform while developing musical literacy. Throughout the year, students are immersed in a variety of quality music literature, activities, and culturally diverse music experiences. Bri's music classroom is designed to enhance student appreciation for music, understanding of the world, and expression of self. She strives to help students become well-rounded citizens that recognize the basic human connection music provides.

Bri holds a Bachelors of Music Education and Performance from Bowling Green State University and a Masters of Voice Performance and Pedagogy from East Carolina University. She previously served as the Youth Orchestra Coordinator for the Toledo Symphony. In 2011, Bri co-founded Bowling Green Children's Opera, a touring company that brings "kid-centered" opera to elementary schools throughout the Midwest.

When not teaching, you can find Bri traveling, cooking (but mostly eating), hiking, and spending time with her husband Scott and their two dogs, Ivy and Lyla.

Rita Corey

Rita Corey teaches Kindergarten and First Grade Music here at Academy School.

Rita graduated from Marywood University in Scranton, PA with a Bachelor of Music degree in Music Education and from Teachers College, Columbia University with a Master of Arts degree in Music Education. Rita also teaches Music at Dummerston School and has taught Music in the district for many years. She is an organist and choir director in Keene, NH as well as a private piano teacher.

Rita loves to impart her knowledge and enthusiasm for music to her students by offering them a variety of musical experiences in the classroom. This includes singing, movement and playing rhythm instruments. Her goal is that each child will participate and find enjoyment and a love of music that will extend throughout their lifetime.


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