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Fifth Grade Team

5th Grade is an exciting year at Academy School. We strive for academic rigor while incorporating components of team building and social competency so our students will be well-rounded thinkers and contributors to their larger community.
5th Grade themes include Age of Exploration and Colonization through the American Revolutionary War. Through inquiry in science, students will explore cyclical events, energy flow in an ecosystem, and states of matter. The 5th grade team is especially enthusiastic about sharing top notch literature with students to inspire a love of reading.

Chris Szpila

Chris Szpila is a member of the 5th grade team at Academy School. She has been teaching at Academy for the last 9 years. Chris grew up in southern New Hampshire and earned her undergraduate degree from Stonehill College. She earned her Masters of Arts in Teaching from Sacred Heart University.  

Michael Lonergan

Jane Geidel

Cami Elliott

Cami is part of the 5th grade team at Academy. She provides academic support to all three classrooms. She has been a teacher for over 20 years and graduated from the University of New Hampshire.

Laurie Given

Laurie Given has worked at Academy School for 15 years . She has worked in all grades and with many teachers . Although changing classrooms almost every year can be a challenge , she has found that she has learned so much from each teacher and has been able to apply this to her style of teaching . We are never to old to learn.

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