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Art Education

The Academy Art Program is designed to create unique learning experiences that are rich and complex for all learners, engaging them on many levels and fostering them to grow in a variety of ways. The role of visual arts in learning is to nuture aesthetic understanding, develop critical thinking abilities, and to enchance visual literacy. At Academy, we want our students to experience the reward and joy of making art that is both technically and sucessfully expressive. We recognize the arts deep power and possibilites.

Wendy has taught art in the public school setting for almost 20 years, teaching a diverse group of children from varied ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds.  She has dedicated herself to developing and maintaining successful art programs in the middle and elementary school environments.  Having lived and worked in New England, Europe, and the Southeastern USA enables her to bring a broader perspective of life and art to her students.  Wendy uses her expertise, versatility, and knowledge in developing creativity within her students. Her accomplished, enthusiastic, and productive art curriculum have received recognition and praise from administrators, parents, students, and the public. 


Wendy has a BFA from the University of Georgia, and holds a Masters in Educational Technologies from Marlboro College Graduate School.

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