Keira Carmichael

Enrichment - Music

Keira Carmichael

My name is Ms. Carmichael and I am excited to be teaching general music at both Oak Grove and Academy schools this year! While I grew up in southern Vermont and the Brattleboro area, I completed my bachelor's in New York, master's in Colorado, taught abroad in New Zealand, and had my first full-time position in Washington State in 2017. Now it seems I have come full circle and have returned to my childhood roots.

My goal this year is to help our students reacclimate to in person education by building a sense of accomplishment and skill in music, providing a welcoming and safe space, and encouraging students to take risks by trying new things - all while having fun together in the process! We've been working on drumming and rhythm reading this fall - often through games and teamwork - as well as taking turns playing piano for one another and practicing performance etiquette. Soon we'll be diving into songwriting and hopefully some singing!

In my spare time I enjoy songwriting, moving rocks in the river, walking in the woods, honing my baking skills, snuggling my two kitties (Ronald and Noodle), and helping things grow - from seeds and starts all the way to our little people becoming big people.

It's wonderful to be back in Vermont, and I look forward to meeting you.