The Best Part Of My Day

The job of Assistant Principal is a unique one and when I am asked in public what exactly I

do, my answers have to do with being a liaison. I work with students to promote safety, kindness and the best work for all every day at Academy School. I work with staff and faculty to help the busy professionals that support our students so that they have what they need to do their best work. For me, it is not about behavior or management, but about building relationships. I am fortunate to watch children not only get taller or increase their level of math skills, but I also observe their social and emotional growth. I watch them make friends and navigate new relationships at school. The best part of my day is observing the interactions I see between students that are small but large in meaning. A sixth grader comforting a sad kindergartener or a third or fourth grader that demonstrates that they are turning into a “big kid” through their words and actions. These interactions are precious and part of our learning at Academy School and I count myself lucky to be a part of these meaningful moments.

This will be our last Caller in 2016. I hope over our winter break time your family finds peace and warmth during your time together. I look forward to greeting the New Year with all of our wonderful Academy Stars on Tuesday, January 3!

Mary Ross

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