Academy School Mock Election

Students in Chris Szpila’s 5th grade class developed an Academy School Electoral College to mimic the real Electoral College. The Electoral College is the system used to elect the president of the United States of America. Each state automatically receives 2 Electoral College votes. States receive more votes based on their population. For example, Vermont has 3 votes in the Electoral College because we have such a small population. In contrast, California has 55 votes because of their enormous population of 3.8 million residents. An elector is someone who represents their state in voting for the president.

Most states use a system that is “winner takes all”. This means that whichever candidate receives the majority of votes, receives all of the Electoral College votes. The only exceptions to this are Nebraska and Maine who distribute their votes proportionally.

At Academy, each classroom is automatically given 2 votes. Additional Electoral College votes were added to each classroom for every 5 students. Ashley Hoard’s 5th grade class has 14 students so they have 4 votes in the college (Vermont). Mrs. Rabideau has 21 students so her classroom has 6 votes (California).

The Academy Electoral College contains 106 votes. In order to win the Academy election, a candidate would have to receive 54 votes, one more than half the votes. In the United States’ election, a candidate needs 270 Electoral College votes to win.

Hillary Clinton won 91 of the Academy School Electoral College votes and was the decisive winner among Academy students.

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