5th Grade Go to Keene State

On March 29th 2016 the entire 5th grade went on a field trip to Keene State College. Upon arrival students met with an Admissions Counselor and were tasked with completing a campus wide scavenger hunt. Students went to almost every building on campus and learned a lot. They went to the sports complex, the TDS building to see the 3D printer, the science lab, the theater, the art and craft building and the cafeteria. Everybody had lots of fun and learned a lot. At the 3D printer they learned about plastic and metals, not to mention computer chips. At the sports complex they all learned about college gyms and how awesome they are! At the theater they met some college kids studying theater. When they went to the library they found an awesome system about renting bikes, who knew? They finally went to the cafeteria and ate their weight in food before returning to campus. Many Academy 5th graders decided they may like to attend Keene some day.

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