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Here is a link to Flip Grid

Students will need to login with their school google account. 

Here’s the thing…
You don’t really have to sing
You don’t really have to dance 
No special talent is required, just your energy, enthusiasm and the desire to have fun!

To participate, make a video of your child or your family lip syncing to a song that is no more than four minutes long. Sign up here for the song you would like to perform. You will add them to a FlipGrid link that will be available starting on April 5. Videos must be completed and uploaded to the Flipgrid link by April 14. All videos will then debut to our Academy community for viewing on April 16. Students must log in to Flipgrid using their school google account and password. 

1. You may sign up as a Solo Act or a Group Act (one family per act to follow covid protocols)– One performance per person.

2. The song must be no longer than four minutes at most. If your video lasts more than four minutes, it will be cut off at the 4:00 mark.

3. NO ACTUAL SINGING during the performance.

4. All songs, lyrics, attire, props, choreography and performances must be elementary school-appropriate. No profanity, obscene gestures, or other inappropriate content, please.

5. Your video must be submitted to the FlipGrid by April 14 to be included in the show. We will send you instructions on how to upload your video.

Helpful hints:

Choose a song that is fun, crowd appealing, and not too long.

The best songs for lip syncing are upbeat tunes that allow for plenty of facial expressions and exaggerated movements.

Some slow songs may lend themselves well to being acted out. 

Costumes and props are strongly encouraged.  

Be creative with your props, costumes, choreography, etc. 

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