Counseling & Health Services

The Academy School Health and Counseling Office provides high quality comprehensive services to all students and families. Our aim is to address all aspects of health and wellness that effect your child, with the goal of promoting student self advocacy skills, and positive social emotional growth and development. We are always available to consult with parents and guardians, and enjoy working as a team to foster a safe and respectful school climate at Academy School.

Amy Majer

Amy Majer has been the School Nurse at Academy School since the Spring of 2009. Her Nursing background is in Mental Health Clinical Leadership, Labor and Delivery, Home Health Care and Medical Surgical Nursing and has worked in health care since 1996. “It is an absolute pleasure to be a part of this wonderful school with its amazing staff and fantastic student body.” Amy grew up in sunny Florida where she graduated from Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Florida with a BA in Theater of all things. “I miss the Gulf Coast, but Academy School is beyond compare.” Amy’s husband attended Academy School and her 3 children are either currently enrolled or graduated.


Judith Palmeri

Hello, my name is Judith Palmeri, and I am the full time school counselor at Academy. The kids call me Ms. Palmeri, or simply Ms. P.!

I have worked for WSESU for over twenty five years and have had the good fortune to work at the high school, middle school, and elementary level. Every day I get up excited to go to work, and have always felt that my work is both a great challenge and an honor.
I earned my Master's Degree in Educational Counseling and Consultation at Keene State College, and continue to take graduate courses and attend workshops and conferences to learn more about issues facing all of our students.

My work with students takes place individually and in small groups, and I teach in the classroom as well. I am particularly interested in teaching social skills, and helping students learn how to treat others with respect, and promote peaceful conflict resolution.
Sponsoring the Academy 6th Grade Leadership Team is a special joy, and every year we learn something new, as a team, about how we can create a respectful, inclusive, and positive learning environment at Academy School.

I am always available to consult with parents, and really enjoy hearing from parents and guardians. I love Academy School!


Lori Macie, LICSW

I received my Master’s Degree in social work and have ten years of experience as a compassionate social service worker and clinician, committed to assisting individuals towards improving their mental health and functioning. I currently work for Health Care and Rehabilitation Services (HCRS) as a School-Based Clinician, yet my office is located at Academy School. I love being part of this community! I work individually with students, as well as with their families. I collaborate with teachers and other school staff to help meet the emotional needs of students. I meet with students in small groups to promote individual growth through the group process. Group topics vary according to the needs of the student population. The full-time school counselor and I meet with groups of Kindergarten students throughout the school year, giving us the opportunity to meet all incoming students and them the chance to meet us and engage in social skills activities with their classmates. I provide children a safe environment and engage them in various treatment modalities based upon their needs. To access my services or those of HCRS, please call First Stop at 855-220-9428.    

Jody Mattulke

Jody Mattulke graduated from Keene State College with a Master's degree in Counseling/Consultation. She spent many years working at the Brattleboro Retreat. Her interest was working in the residential settings with families and children predominantly from Vermont but did include other New England states. When the opportunity arose at Academy to work with families and their children in the Brattleboro area she was thrilled. As Academy's "Family Engagement and Educational Coordinator" also referred to as the "School Social Worker", she was excited to be collaborating with local families and local organizations. "It has been incredible with the faculty, students, families, local organizations and the entire community! The relationships, learning, linking people and community resources, being part of Academy School - everything has been amazing." She hopes the use of her facebook page; Academy Counseling and Health Services, will develop into another place helpful to Academy families. Like her there!

Jody Mattulke

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