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Wait... WHAT?  Dinner for two at the fabulous Peter Havens???

That's right!   Peter Havens where enticing cocktails, delicious appetizers, beautifully crafted entrees and an intriguing wine list await you. Seating is intimate with ten tables and a warm, welcoming bar.


We will be having a raffle to win a $100.00 gift certificate.  Anyone who has a bio on our website is eligable to participate.  Here is how it works:


You will be entered into the raffle when you have completed BOTH your bio and have had your picture taken.  


Drawing will be held at our faculty meeting on October 20th at 3:15pm.


Here are the fabulous details:

The first SEVEN people to achieve this lofty goal will be given 10 tickets.  That is 10 chances to win folks!  Just think of the odds!  Can you almost taste that creme brûlée?


The next SEVEN people to have both your bio submitted and picture taken will be given 8 tickets. Not too shabby.  


The next SEVEN people will be given 6 tickets. Still respectable.  Might I suggest the house-made Potato Gnocchi served with local beets, crumbled blue cheese, smoked bacon, butter and parmesan cheese...


The next SEVEN people will be given 4 tickets. statistically  you are still way ahead.  


The next SEVEN people will be given 2 tickets.  You may still be buttering that fresh-out-of-the-oven bread.


Everyone else will receive one ticket.  Oh, come on. You can still win!  And think of the look on the faces of the first seven people!



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