Academy School Sixth Grade Graduation 2020


Greetings, Sixth Grade Families! We are so excited to see you on Friday at 4pm. Here is the plan for our drive-thru graduation:


● Prior to 4pm, please drive up South Street, turn around, and line up on the right side of the road. Please take care not to block any driveways of residents. The first car should be on the South Street side of the West Brattleboro Fire Station. ● If you are walking, please meet in the back parking lot to line up.

● At 4pm, walkers and cars will enter the Academy School driveway one at a time.

● A staff member with a radio will ask which student is in your car so it can be announced on the speakers.

● Academy School staff will be lining the sidewalk cheering, holding posters, and waving.

● Mrs. Dias will announce each student one at a time using the microphone

● Please drive at a maximum of 5mph through the driveway.

● Please remain in your car at all times.

● Heather Aldrich, of “My Passion Photography” will be taking pictures of each car/ student and will post them online after the event.

● Please feel free to take home your student’s banner anytime after June 12th.

● Diplomas will be mailed with report cards.


It is very important to ensure that we do not block the Fire Station’s garage. There will be someone there to guide traffic